Dr. Yo is “Ram Yogendra M.D., M.P.H. – Anesthesiologist, Public Health Specialist” as his Twitter profile states (@YoDoctorYo). He has a YouTube channel here. He was interviewed by Dr. Mobeen Syed here. Dr. Yo is one of a handful of physicians dedicating much of their time to informing the public about Covid-19, answering questions from the general public, fighting against misinformation, and seeking solutions for those afflicted by Covid-19 or LongCovid.

Dr. Bruce K. Patterson, M.D. is CEO and founder of incellDx. Their work fighting disease and seeking solutions for suffering persons around the world is, well, just way over my head. See their website here.

Dr. Yo (@YoDoctorYo) has now confirmed via Twitter that he and Dr. Patterson, CEO of IncellDx, are working on a “diagnosis and treatment initiative” for Longhaulers. Here’s what the prior press release stated:

Dr. Patterson: “We are excited to offer a standardized solution to cytokine and immunology testing in partnership with MD Biosciences’ CLIA certified reference laboratories in the US and Europe. We are pleased to get these solutions out prior to the approval of Cytokine Storm-related therapeutics, and in the short term, are focused on helping those COVID-19 patients still suffering symptoms long after diagnosis—so called long-haulers. To that effort, we will be establishing a COVID-19 long-hauler diagnosis and treatment initiative involving a multi-disciplinary approach to improving the lives of those suffering long-term symptoms.” Press Release

And here is what Dr. Yo said on Twitter, Sept. 15th:

Covid.us.org tweeted: We need to establish a #LongCovid Center for research, treatment recommendations, and consultation with physicians. Right now, doctors just have no idea what to do with #Longhaulers. For “regular” Covid: prophylaxis with Vitamin D, IVM, or HCQ is probably better than any vaccine.

Dr. Yo replied: Dr. Patterson and I already on it. Check back with us by end of Sept.

He also tweeted a link to the above-quoted press release. Then on Sept. 21, this exchange:

Dr. Yo tweeted: #covid19 #longhaulers are going to place an incredible amount of stress on our healthcare systems. But in a week, we will have some physician led solutions based on scientific and medical research and data. Stay tuned

He added a link to a Washington Post story on Longhaulers.

Covid.us.org tweeted: Is this a Protocol for Treating Longhaulers, like a MATH+ but for LongCovid? Is it prescription only? Lots of longhaulers have no doctor.

Dr. Yo replied: A turnkey approach using immune profiles to guide diagnosis and treatment. We are looking at cheap, generic FDA approved solutions first. To help with the disparities in socioeconomics and access to healthcare, Dr. Patterson is already running these immune profiles for free.

And then he added: We are sensitive to the hardships people are facing and poor access to healthcare and will have systems in place to offer some sort of help. Definitely. Definitely.

Dr. Yo (replying to Carrie K): Thanks. I started to realize these longhaulers were going to be a problem back in early June and talking to Dr. Patterson I realized he was already ahead of the curve thinking of solutions to this problem.

Dr. Yo (replying to Diane): What Dr. Patterson, me and a few others are doing is independent and separate from what others are doing. We are using science and medicine to guide us (like we were trained to do) and working on submitting our long hauler manuscript soon.

In reply to a question on the experimental drug RLF-100,
Dr. Yo tweeted: I don’t think any experimental drug will play a role in long haulers. We have cheaper and more easily accessible potentially effective options.

In reply to another tweet suggesting a couple of experimental drugs,
Dr. Yo tweeted: Doesn’t $10 worth of prednisone instead of $1000’s of experimental medications sound better?

Finally, Dr. Yo sent out this message (Sept 12) to Longhaulers:
Dr. Yo tweeted: If you or anyone you know are a #covid19 #longhauler, @brucep13 has developed a protocol to examine your immune profile and cytokine levels. Pretty incredible data and results that we will be discussing soon but in the meantime, email me for more info. #LongHaulers #believeinbruce

In Plain Language, What Does This Mean?

The theory is that LongCovid is caused, in whole or in part, by immune system dysregulation. I would say LongCovid is certainly caused “in part” by the immune system being thrown out of whack by the virus. And I know that Dr. Been has repeatedly stated, on Twitter (@drbeen_medical) and on YouTube (DrBeen’s Medical Lectures) that a short course of steroids — he uses Deltacortril, which is prednisolone or prednisone — has worked for him against LongCovid. So Dr. Yo and Dr. Patterson seem to think that the immune system is key here.

Dr. Yo stated: “A turnkey approach using immune profiles to guide diagnosis and treatment. We are looking at cheap, generic FDA approved solutions first.”

So this seems to be a system developed by Dr. Patterson that analyzes the immune system to determine the profile of the dysregulation, and decide what medications may work best. These would be FDA approved drugs, preferably low-cost and generic meds. The number of Longhaulers who might find relief in this manner could be very large.

If you are a Longhauler, you need a primary care physician who can access this “turnkey approach” and prescribe the correct meds.

For those Longhaulers who have problems due to finances or lack of a physician, Dr. Yo says: “We are sensitive to the hardships people are facing and poor access to healthcare and will have systems in place to offer some sort of help. Definitely. Definitely.”


Dr. Yo (Twitter: @YoDoctorYo) Ram Yogendra M.D., M.P.H. – Anesthesiologist, Public Health Specialist., tweeted the following:

“TNF-alpha increases sympathetic tone: leading to increases in blood pressure and sweating (common sx in longhaulers) Guess what Dr. Patterson is seeing in many #covid19 #longhaulers? Elevated TNF-alpha.”

So I did some research on what inhibits TNF-alpha. This list is not from Dr. Yo or Dr. Patterson. It’s from Google Scholar and various studies found there. Inhibitors of TNF-alpha:

* Vitamin D
* Omega-3 Fats

* Quercetin
* Vitamin B1, which is thiamin; or benfotiamine
* Alpha-Lipoic Acid

* Vitamin B2, which is riboflavin
* Doxycycline (prescription only)
* Zinc

If you have LongCovid, you might want to consult your doctor and maybe try some of these meds/supplements.

Dr. Bruce Patterson is CEO and founder of incellDX. He is working on immunity profiles that detail the manner in which the immune system is dysregulated in Covid-19 and LongCovid. Patteron and Yogendra believe that this is the key to diagnosis and treatment of Longhaulers.

My Analogy: You are fighting a war, and you are losing. The war seems like it will go on for many years. It has already gone on for too long. So what do you do? You intercept communications from the top commanders to the troops, so that you can understand troop movements, and where troops are present in higher or lower numbers. They you will know where and how to attack.

Similarly, an immunity profile tells you which “orders” the immune system is giving to its “troops” by means of the cytokines, signaling proteins. Figure out which cytokines are present in higher numbers, and then, knowing the inter-relation and function of the cytokines, you can figure out the exact manner in which the immune system is dysregulated. That information leads to effective treatments. And they are not using experimental or exotic new treatments, but FDA-approved (off-label) medications that are inexpensive and generic.

Example, if your TNF-alpha cytokine level is way too high, they give you Rx meds that decrease TNF-a (or you take OTC natural supplements with the same effect).

My Thoughts

My suggestions for Longhaulers: (1) find a physician who believes you and is willing to work towards a solution. Many doctors are just very uncomfortable with a situation where there’s not much guidance from medical texts or authorities and they have to figure things out on their own. (2) read and watch videos on: Dr. Been, Dr. Marik, Dr. Yo, and approaches like MATH+ which use vitamins, minerals and supplements as adjunct therapies.

Is The Theory Right?

One problem is going to be figuring out the cause of LongCovid. I favor the theory of Dr. William Petri, described in several different articles on this site, that the virus hides in Immune Privileged Sites, especially the CNS. Steroids will decrease the inflammation and address the immune system dysregulation. And it turns out that some molecular docking studies show that certain steroids are viral inhibitors. References are to the molecular docking studies in the article here.

Prednisone inhibits M-protein with docking score of -7.3 (ref. 8)
Dexamethasone acetate RdRp with docking score of -7.6 (ref. 103)
Prednisolone phosphate inhibits RdRp with score of -7.5 (ref. 103)

If the virus is established in the CNS and other Immune Privileged Sites then steroids alone might not work.

Interestingly, one Longhauler reported that Ivermectin worked for her to relieve some symptoms, but the symptoms returned after a while. Ivermectin cannot usually cross the BBB. This supports the idea that the virus is established behind the BBB where it is out of the reach of some medications. We in addition to steroids, we need antivirals that cross the BBB.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.