Explaining the Research on Covid-19


I’m Ronald L. Conte Jr., the author of
I am not a physician, nurse, or healthcare professional.

I started to fill a gap between medical journals, which have highly-technical information, and news articles, which offer few details and little depth. This website examines the latest research and explains it for a non-technical readership.

I’m a writer. I often write about religion. Sometimes I write about other topics. From 2012 to 2013, I researched and wrote a book about world hunger (“Hunger Math: world hunger by the numbers“). The book analyzes agricultural data to reach conclusions about the causes and possible solutions to hunger.

In 2014, I researched and wrote a book on nutrition, based on over 600 peer-reviewed medical studies: Healthy Eating versus Mortality. Over the course of the year writing the book, I became accustomed to reading and understanding these types of studies. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, I turned to the research to see what was happening. Compared to the news stories, the research had much more depth and breadth. I saw a need to explain that research to a non-technical audience. And so I started this website.

What Is is a private website, not affiliated with any government or agency. It is currently run on a not-for-profit basis (but without any non-profit status). Currently, no advertising is accepted, and all articles are free from commercial influence.

The purpose of this website is to explain current research on Covid-19 (“the Coronavirus”) to the general population. Please understand that Covid-19 was discovered very recently, in late 2019, so the research is new and constantly being updated. But information, commentary, and ideas presented on are merely one humble contribution to the worldwide conversation on this deadly pandemic. does not sell any product or service. does not offer medical advice, diagnosis, treatments, or cures. Please do not make any medical or healthcare decisions based on information on this website. If you are sick with Covid-19, please consult a physician, hospital, or other healthcare provider.

If there is, at some time in the near or distant future, a solution to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will most likely come from thousands of researchers across the globe, who each contribute a small piece to the larger puzzle of how to overcome this disease. A simple solution from one person or group seems unlikely.

Join together with everyone you know, and make whatever contributions you are able. Remember that we are all one family. And may God have mercy on us all.