One element of the FLCCC treatment protocol for Covid-19, the FDA approved drug fluvoxamine, was proven effective against severe Covid-19 in a new study. CNN story on new fluvoxamine study. The drug is approved by the FDA for treatment of psychiatric problems, such as depression, but not approved for Covid-19.

Here is the study at The Lancet. It is an RCT (randomized controlled trial), double-blind, in Covid-19 patients with factors indicating likely progression to severe disease. The most impressive result was this: “There was one death in the fluvoxamine group and 12 in the placebo group for the per-protocol population (OR 0·09; 95% CI 0·01–0·47).” That Odds Ratio (OR) is a 91% reduction in deaths for the smaller “per-protocol” test population. (Some patients reached an end point, death or transfer to a tertiary care facility, too early in the treatment to have completed at least 80% of the protocol (8 of 10 days treatment with fluvoxamine).

“Patients were randomly assigned to fluvoxamine (Luvox, Abbott) at a dose of 100 mg twice a day for 10 days or corresponding placebo starting directly after randomisation (day 1).” The number of patients in the placebo and treatment groups were relatively equal (1:1) — “fluvoxamine (n=741) or placebo (n=756)”. Intention to treat analysis showed a 32% reduction in risk. Intention to treat was defined as being on treatment for at least 24 hours before a primary outcome. Per-protocol was defined as being on treatment for at least 80% of the protocol (8 out of 10 days).

In the FLCCC protocols, including for treatment of Covid-19 at home, Covid-19 in hospital, and for LongCovid, fluvoxamine is used at 50 mg 2x/day — instead of the study dose which was twice as high — or 30 mg 2x/day, which is better tolerated. The FLCCC protocols also use other medications and interventions as fluvoxamine is not a primary mode of treatment. FLCCC: “50 mg 2 x daily for 10 days. Consider Fluoxetine 30 mg daily for 10 days as an alternative (it is often better tolerated). Avoid if patient is already on an SSRI.”

FLCCC treatment protocols are here.

Ronald L. Conte Jr.
an author, not a doctor