This website Ivermectin for Covid-19 has an excellent summary and analysis on the use of Ivermectin to prevent and treat Covid-19. Ivermectin has also been shown to treat LongCovid effectively, see the discussion here.

Where to find Ivermectin

Where can you obtain ivermectin?
1. Ask your doctor to prescribe it.
2. Try contacting for a prescription
3. The FLCCC Alliance has a network of “Doctors who prescribe Ivermectin” who use the i-MASK and MATH+ protocols, and who may prescribe ivermectin and/or other useful medications for Covid-19. They also have a link on their main page on how to get ivermectin
4. America’s Frontline Doctors ( also has a network of physicians who may be reached by telemedicine for an evaluation and possible prescription.
5. Text2MD favors the i-MASK protocol and will often prescribe ivermectin for their telemedicine patients.
6. – pronounced “existence”; they have a list of doctors and what drugs they typically prescribe for Covid-19, including many ivermectin-friendly doctors.
7. The Complete Guide To Health has a directory of doctors who may give ivermectin to their Covid-19 patients.
8. Here is a video from Dr. Mobeen Syed discussing different ways to find a doctor who will prescribe ivermectin for Covid-19.
9. use GoodRx to find low cost pharmacies to fill your prescription
10. This website “ivermectin24h” offers ivermectin but it takes about 4 weeks to arrive in the mail.

Ivermectin Dose For COVID (Prophylaxis, Acute Disease, Long Haulers)