Here’s the data in chart form:

So reported cases of Covid-19 in the U.S. are going down, while the number of deaths is relatively steady (until this most recent week). And that means the death rate is rising. With fewer cases each week, we should have fewer deaths. But the rate is going up.

This is difficult to explain. Weekly cases are about a third of what they were at the beginning of the year. But the death rate has tripled at the same time.

It could be that the case rate is lower because people are not going to the hospital, or hospitals are turning away all but the sickest patients. So therefore the true case rate might be indicated by the death rate, and in reality both are steady.

The other possibility is that cases are indeed falling, but more persons are dying, as a percentage of those who are sick. Are hospitals getting worse at treating Covid-19 patients for some reason? That seems unlikely. Are the current cases sicker because we are seeing a new variant of Covid that is more deadly? That is possible.

But 3% is a high death rate against reported cases. The death rate for hospitalized cases versus deaths (rather than all reported cases) is much higher. Many hospitals have a death rate for Covid patients of about 25%. Hospitals using MATH+ protocol have a Covid death rate, by comparison, of about 5%.

Again, a nationwide vitamin D program would greatly reduce the death rate. Use of MATH+ would greatly reduce the hospital death rate. And use of ivermectin for prevention and for early outpatient treatment would also reduce the number of cases and the death rate.

Vitamin D and ivermectin together could stop the pandemic cold.