is a website from Dr. Bruce Patterson to diagnose and treat persons with LongCovid.

Chronic COVID Treatment Center[TM]
Taking a personalized medicine approach to successfully treating long haulers.

A novel integrated Chronic COVID Treatment Center is being established though a collaboration between prominent research facilities, clinicians, and medical laboratories to integrate world-class specialized immunological lab testing, expert medical consultation and patient counseling, to help optimize treatment for both the physical and emotional aspects of patients recovering from COVID-19

The website currently has information. Soon patients with LongCovid will be able to register. They will have telemedicine with physicians, blood tests for LongCovid biomarkers, i.e. elevated or depressed Cytokines (proteins that the immune system uses for regulation).

Register Today. “Once registered an email blast will be sent in 1-2 weeks for large scale testing and LHI determination. The Center will then recommend therapy based on data in a very tailored, Precision Medicine strategy!” — Dr. Bruce Patterson, CEO of incellDx and co-founder of (via Twitter)

UPDATE January 21, 2021 from Dr. Yo: Read it here in 4 successive tweets.