Vaccines are here, and their purpose is to provide herd immunity. Once we reach the Herd Immunity Threshold, the pandemic slows continuously until it ends. Herd Immunity depends upon the R0 value, which expresses how quickly a disease spreads. For Covid-19, R0 is about 2.5, which means that the Herd Immunity is reached when about 60% of the population is immune (by vaccination or by having recovered from a case of Covid).

However, if we undertake a massive population-wide program of prevention, we can lower the R0 value, and thereby lower the Herd Immunity Threshold. If we can cut R0 in half, the Herd Immunity Threshold will be 20%, not 60%. But regardless of the specific numbers, reducing the spread of Covid-19 lowers R0 and thereby lowers Herd Immunity Threshold — allowing us to end the pandemic sooner. It is possible to end the pandemic months sooner, with far fewer vaccinations, by the program of prevention.

Which are the best interventions for prevention? Vitamin D and Ivermectin. A program to raise the population’s vitamin D blood levels, and to give high risk persons ivermectin to protect them from infection with Covid, will lower the R0 value, and allow us to reach Herd Immunity sooner.

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